Monday, October 1, 2012

Identifying Linotype Spacebands

The spacebands that I have here at the shop are 4 lines. I assumed that the number of identifying lines marked in the side of the spaceband correspond with the thickness of the space. Nope. I was wrong. The breakdown is below. Info from "Linotype Keyboard Operation" book.

One Line: Thick
Minimum .0375
Maximum .1035
For Normal spacing of medium size faces where close spacing is not required.

Two Lines: Extra Thin
Minimum .028
Maximum .0943
For close spacing. Recommended for offices doing good book and job work and those using small faces.

Three Lines: Extra Thick
Minimum .046
Maximum .146
Used only for large display faces where wide spacing is required.

Four Lines: Special Taper
Minimum .0369
Maximum .1219
Similar to the wide range (see below) but a little thicker at both minimum and maximum points.

Five Lines: Wide Range
Minimum .0345
Maximum .1194
Gives extreme flexibility of spacing. Thin enough for close spacing, with ample range of expansion for wide spacing.


  1. Replies
    1. No, unfortunately I don't have extra space bands. Have you tried Don Black? Hopefully he can help.

  2. Hi Christopher
    How many spacebands do you require?