Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Mold 10-18 F7660

Couple stupid things I did while casting this evening:

1. Fired up the machine after a long day of regular job printing. (Not the best idea to attempt to cast while not quite on the ball.)

2. Attempted to cast the second position of a 14 pt (regular 2 letter) matrices using a 10-18 F7660 mold.

3. Tried it again.

4. Wondered why the machine was squirting.

Lesson (note to self): Don't do that. First position is no problem but second will not work. Check positioning of mat on mold before attempting to cast. And, do a little research on this particular mold: Mold 10-18 F7660.

Linotype Border Matrices

Whoa. Pretty amazing. Also makes my brain hurt a bit. This is a scan from a 1911 Linotype Border Catalogue. It would be fun to try something like this. Click on the image for a closer look.

Proofing linotype composition

Proofing linotype composition by Stumptown Printers
Proofing linotype composition, a photo by Stumptown Printers on Flickr.

This is a proof from The Two Man Gentlemen Band release "Two at a Time," their 7th full-length release, which was recorded, designed, and packaged entirely without digital technology. Most of the type was composed on our Model 31. Additional photos of the process can be viewed here.